11:39 a.m. - 10/20/2006
My WW Flaws
Well I started in earnest last Tuesday. Losing my job made me lose some meetings, like two weeks worth. My oldest daughter joined and I know I'm not doing as well as her. I keep trying to work my own plan and not WW then I try to hide it by trying to exercise it off. That's not going to work. I don't exercise enough to eradicate a 6 pack every night. Gah! I need to get serious and that's going to hurt!

My other problem is that I totally have breakfast down. I have WW bagels and eggs and yogurts and what have you but lunch and dinner are my downfall. I want quick and easy so I tried a beef stew. It's mostly veggies so I thought it would be a nice "stick with you" meal and it was. The thing is that I threw in some pearled barley to sop up some of the juice and thicken it. I figured it was a healthier rice. It is but it's also 4 points a cup and a portion of stew for me is about two cups. I couldn't afford to waste it and so I ate it everyday for lunch until it was gone assuming that it was 9 or 10 points a bowl and that put me right over the top for 4 days in a row.

Someone at the last meeting told us about a ham flavoring that could be used in the zero point soup (which I haven't made yet but will) to give it some variation and better flavor. They warned to flavor to taste as one package could flavor alot! So I got it figuring I could make a homemade split pea soup and use it for a ham flavoring but since the stew I have a feeling I better find out what the points are in soemthing I assume is healthy and innocent. I don't know anyone who has a one cup serving of soup and is full without pairing it with at least a half a sandwich. I better check the points first or I'l be stuck with it like the stew.

The other thing is beer. If I leave enough points to drink it then I haven't really followed the WW plan and I'm making up my own plan. I need so many milks and so many fats and that eats up points that I want for food and drink. But my daughter is right, it's not the WW plan and I'm making up my own and so if I don't see results its my own fault.

She is so going to smirk at our next weigh in.

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