10:18 a.m. - 01/11/2006
Well, despite feeling horribly, I hit the gym last night. I was a bit timid in that I didn't want to confront a bunch of coworkers down there. I thought, it being the beginning of the year and all, that hords of people would be down in the gym working out.

Would you belive I was the only one there?

And my sister just now called and they are inducing labor, tonight. Ugh! I haven't had a full week of work for weeks. You've both had kids -- I should be there to see my nephew when he's just born, right? Take Thursday, Friday and Monday off to be with him and her -- rather than wait until the weekend when she doesn't have the hospital to help her. I mean, what if something happens??

Ok, that settles it. No gym tonight, despite my bringing clothes. I need to get back to NY!

I'm Eating: oatmeal, as soon as I can get up to make it


9:29 a.m. - 01/11/2006
My morning weigh in was 152.2 which is 1.4 pounds lighter than yesterday's 153.6. I realize that carbs retain water and that the sudden weight loss in the beginning of an Atkins diet is mostly water but it's DARNED MOTIVATING! I expect to actually be at 150 by next Monday so I can start moving my ticker for the first time in over a month. My diet today is the same as yesterday's with the exception of some fat free Italian dressing. I found that the Romaine leaves were a good grazing food (no pun intended!) but a little bland. This dressing has just 15 calories and 4 carbs in 2 tablespoons. So today I'm ripping and dipping. Last night I ate two slices of bologna with mustard (no bread) for my supper/snack. I don't eat much of a supper usually but I get the holy horrors hungry between 9AM and noon. That's why I bring so many snacks like the celery and olives. So last night's totals came to 1030 calories and 6 carbs. Today's should be 1045 and 10 carbs with the Italian Dressing. My goal is under 1200 calories and under 20 carbs per day. I'm being very strict right now to jump start the process of ketosis sooner. Once it gets rolling I can eat a bit more calories and after a month or two I can even cheat once a week and still lose, at least that's what was like last time.

I also made it to the gym last night for a total of twice this week and that's al I can do because I am getting my brakes fixed tonight and tomorrow I bring the dog to the Vet's and the weekend I babysit Friday and have Stew over. This happens a lot so I've decided to do some upper body light weights on my off days when I can't physically be at the gym. Once I had a treadmill and I loved it but it ate up a lot of my living room real estate. I think it's so worth it to pay 15 bucks a month so that it keeps all that equipment someplace else but sometimes you just can't get there!

I can't wait until tomorrow's weigh in! Even if I don't see a change then I know I'll see one the next day! WooHoo!

By now you guys know why I waited until after Disney and the Holidays to start. I get pretty Spartan about my diets when I'm serious. People always say, "But you can't LIVE like that" and you know what they're right, but I don't care. I just want to lose the weight. I will be on this diet three months max when I meet my goal and then I will wean off and back to my mostly vegetarian existence but I did take one thing back with me from my last spin with Atkins. I don't much like white bread anymore and haven't bought it in two years. Not even a hotdog or hamburger roll. I'd rather wrap them in lettuce. It actually started to taste bad to me after awhile which really amazed me because I was a white bread junky and that was what I thought I'd miss the most when I first did it. I thought life would end without wonder bread sandwiches. It didn't.


I'm Eating: Celery sticks


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