9:44 a.m. - 01/13/2006
I weighed in the exact same as yesterday this morning but I'm still hopeful that I will be 150 by Monday. Especially because I probably won't be going out to eat with Stu this weekend so it should be easy to stay strict and it's only 1.4 pounds. *crosses fingers* I'm hoping I didn't hit a mini plateau already.

Kathy I hope you're sticking with your exercise plans and that the people you ar edoing it with are still hanging in there too.

As for you Jenn, I just hope you're having a great time being an Auntie :)


I'm Eating: olives


9:21 a.m. - 01/12/2006
Well anyone following Atkins certianly can't complain about results in that first week. I'm usually hard to kick start and my results so far look like this:

Monday 153.6
Tuesday 152.2
Wednesday 151.4

As far as I'm concerned, even if it's mostly water, I'm sure that by Monday I would have at least met my 2 pounds a week goal. It turns out that dipping the romaine in diet Italian dressing is DeeLish and according to FitDay.com it's a major source of my folic acid and potassium along with that celery I snack on. I love that site. It really pointed out my need for a vitamin pill.

Watching my weight drop like this is so motivating and will keep me hooked even when it slows down. I'm on a roll ... Weeee!

Happy Happy Joy Joy!


PS. Jenn if you're an Aunt today Congratulations!

PPSS. In case anyone thinks I'm going hungry. I'm not. I graze all morning. I eat ALOT of food, just food that fits this diet. For instance: Today I had an egg, 10 olives, 3 stalks of celery, 5 leaves of romaine dipped in Italian, 2 pickles and 10 ounces of chicken with mayo and chopped up lettuce to bulk it up and lime jello for dessert .. all before noon. That's about 900 calories. Leaving me 300 for supper (turkey burgers). Some days it will fall below, some above but I want to keep it about 1200 calories a day. More doesn't seem to work for me if I want results.

I'm Eating: Celery


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