2:14 p.m. - 01/18/2006
I got my hands on a bag of chips last night. Good thing is, I made your broccoli soup Kathy and hated it so all I ate was 1/2 that bag of chips (BBQ Ripple UTZ) and some sourdough bread with Brummel and Brown on it. Good that it was only half the bag that is.

HB did LOVE the soup Kathy. Although I think I put bad FF Evaporated milk in it. Oh well, no one died.

Anyone ever cook red snapper before? I am defrosting some for dinner with some instant mashed potatoes and some veggies but don't know how to make the fish. Ideas???

I'm Eating: turkey and cheese on wheat and a salad


9:41 a.m. - 01/18/2006
I weighed in this morning at the old 148.2 of two days ago instead of the 148 of yesterday. But that's just 2 tenths of a pound and I'm not worried because I'm doing the right thing. I made it to the gym last night and I stuck to my diet. I have faith that if I follow that formula I will do well.

I'm focused on clothes now. I pulled out my previous fat jeans and they should fit (snugly) at 142 and correctly at 138. Six pounds makes a BIG difference in my shape because I hold 90% of my weight around my waist and chest.

Speaking of my chest I'm seeing a gradual decline in the monster boobies and I may fit the girls into some of my prettier tops in time for spring. I hate having everything with a button looking all pulled apart. I'm wearing one of them now but I only have so many choices now that I let myself go so badly.

I swear on my soul I will pay fucking attention to "just 5 pounds" while it *is* just 5 pounds from now on until the day I die. This diet works but it sucks and if I had paid attention back when it was just 5 pounds I'd be done now.

I'm an idiot. I went through this once before. I lost FIFTY pounds and now I have 20 of it back. Yeah, yeah, at least I'm not a smoker anymore but crimminey I should have paid better attention.


I'm Eating: Nothing. I forgot to pack my snacks :(


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