9:24 a.m. - 01/30/2006
Hi Hi!
I apologize again for my meltdown Friday. It's interesting to know that I used one of my litmus strips that tests for ketones right after that whole thing got resolved and I was in the deepest ketosis it can test for. I went to pick up my niece and scarfed a quarter pounder with fries at Mickey D's and it was instant headache relief and I didn't feel cold and shaky anymore. I had her all weekend and I just threw caution to the wind and had a second Mickey D meal Saturday and a Mcflurry. Sunday I had Mexican food (3 tacos) and snacked on Chinese take out (egg roll & a couple chicken fingers). I weigh 5 pounds more than I did Friday but I don't believe that anymore than I'd believe that I lost 5 pounds in three days. It's water weight.

So anyways I pigged out without going too overboard and my niece and granddaughters ran my butt all up and down the mall so I had *some* exercise (Does reaching for your wallet count as a workout? I *feel* worked over!) But in any case I'm back on the wagon today and I think I'm going to have to watch myself and allow a couple carbs here and there to keep my sanity.

Tonight I'm back at the gym, or I plan to be anyways.

How did you guys do?


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