12:31 p.m. - 02/10/2006
Trying Stuff Out
Since I quit drinking I seem to be shedding water or bloat. My weight only usually varies by two pounds between morning and night when I don't drink but this morning I awoke at 147.4 from a night weight of 151.4. This is only point 2 pounds from my lowest weight and yet I cheated and had turkey in a wrap yesterday. The bread of the wrap was a no - no.

For supper, now that I'm not drinking it, I found I can have 4 slices of smoked turkey for 30 calories and no carbs a piece (total 120 calories) and two fat free cheese slices cut in half and put one on each piece of turkey. A touch of mayo and a touch of mustard, maybe a slice of lettuce and then roll each up separately and eat it as if it were 4 sandwiches all for a little more than 200 calories and 4 carbs. I find it satisfying. I also found that buffalo chicken is low carb and I discovered turkey hot dogs which are like wise but I haven't tried them yet. I hope they are tasty.

I'm trying to find more variety than I allowed myself the first time I tried this. I was very depressed and lived on two eggs for breakfast and a tuna salad for lunch followed by a supper of Diet cola and rum for about three months with no exercise whatsoever. No wonder I got so boney. I lost lots of muscle along with fat.

This time I am trying a fat burning formula called Hot Roxs. Directly after a workout I take some creatine and before I fall asleep I take secretagogue, a Human Growth precursor. I'm also taking a crap load of vitamin supplements loaded with antioxidants and taking added calcium and vitamin D to make sure it gets absorbed.

I'm on a mission to get healthy. I want to lose weight by restricting unnecessary carbohydrates and working out to prevent losing muscle. To that end I am trying out some things the gym trainers tell me helps. These things are naturally occurring in the human body anyhow but as I aged my body made less. I have a 30 day supply and I'll let you know if anything works or looks useless.

If you find anything let me know too!

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