3:28 p.m. - 2005-10-24
Diane Wonders
I have eaten like a piggy for some time now and have decided to do something about it. My starting weight is 150. I weughed 126 when I stopped smoking last November. I seem to have stabilized but none of my clothes fits anymore and I don't like what I look like in clothes anymore.

Today I ate shells and sauce for about 500 calories for breakfast

snacks were 3 stalks of celery, 10 baby carrots, 10 small green olives. (about 100 calories all told)

Lunch was Stop and Shop chunky beef soup (280 calories for the whole can!)

Dessert and afternoon snack were an apple and a pear. (under 200 calories)

And then I was still hungry and I gave in to microwaved popcorn (about 200 to 300 I'm guestimating)

I'm unlikely to eat supper. I don't usually. The thing that puzzles me is that despite the amount of food I eat it's only about 1300 calories and if I wasn't feeling punk I'd be working off 200 calories at the gym tonight followed by maybe another 100 at dancing lessons, yet I don't lose. So, I'm wonering what my diet looks like in points?

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