10:10 p.m. - 10/30/2005
I had a great day today!

spent 24.5 of my 26 points, had treats, don't feel deprived and actually am full.

Tomorrow, I am hitting the gym at work. This will be the first time in over 9 months that I will set foot in any kind of gym. I am a bit nervous but that's ok. I am starting out slow -- a goal of 30 minutes tomorrow on either the elliptical or treadmill. I don't know how busy it gets so we'll see.

Happy Sunday night you two (Diane! Where are you???)

I'm Eating: nothing now, shocker!


8:12 p.m. - 10/30/2005
Hoarding or Spreading The Flex Points
Jenn - I think that whatever way works for you as far as spreading your flex points throughout the week or saving them for the weekend is the best answers. It's the same amount of points, as long as you stay within them. And it shouldn't matter with your overall weight loss progress. However, there's that "Wendy Plan" that's always circulating amongst the WW people. Whereby you use your flex points clustered together. Hopefully revving up your metabolism. I don't know if it's a sure answer but I do believe that sometimes our metabolisms need a little jump start to get them going again.

I was a bad WW'er this weekend. Once I got going at the family function, I just couldn't seem to control myself. Don't get me wrong, I wasn't a pig. Far from the pre-WW days. But I don't think I'll show much of a weight loss again tomorrow. I really need to stick to an eating plan on the weekends. Maybe hoard all my flex points for then!


I'm Eating: Too much!


8:49 a.m. - 10/30/2005
making decisions
Well, I went a few points over my allotted 26 yesterday, but that's ok! That's what flex points are for.

I was wondering, do you think it's better to save your Flex points for weekend splurges or use them somewhat evenly throughout the week?

I ask because I can see if you use them all in 2 days, you might stall, but lose faster during the week. If you spread them out, I can see slower weight loss, you know?

I am proud of myself. I made good choices yesterday (at Panera I got a low-fat soup and a salad vs. a sandwich and to drink at the Halloween party last night I had Jack and Diet Cokes versus beer).

Now, onto today's choices!

I'm Eating: eggs benedict (12 big points but I will eat WW 0 Point soup for lunch to balance!)


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