8:24 a.m. - 11/09/2005
Need More Food
It doesn't look like you did too poorly yesterday to me Jenn. Life is about eating 3 cookies sometimes! I had a Burger King whopper and used up a few flex points. However, that sucker filled me up and I didn't need a snack for the rest of the night!

I really need to eat more food to keep myself satiated so I don't grap at snacks. I'll be picking up more Green Giant vegetables and more soups on my next grocery store run. I LOVE Campbell's Won Ton Soup. It always fills me up and is low in points.

My food is planned for the day, right down to the snacks. If I need something else, I'll grab some carrots or some cucumbers with salt (odd, but I love those!)

Have a good Diet-Conscious Day!


I'm Eating: WW muffin with egg and lite cheese, glass of orange juice


8:21 a.m. - 11/09/2005
bad eating take one
Good Morning!

I had a horrible eating day yesterday and was away from my computer all day long. On Capitol Hill, lobbying away. Breakfast and lunch were included.

I was well within points mind you and only used 4 flex points. But I ate a bagel and cream cheese with fruit for breakfast. Then lunch I had 1/2 a ham and cheese on rye -- they were trying to be fancy and leave 1/2 of a trangle cut sandwich on 2 toothpicks, an olive and pickle, 7 potato chips, and 2 small brownies. Diet Coke to drink of course.

Then I had 3 rather large cookies as an afternoon snack. They didn't have these in the tracker, but I think it was about 9 points or so. And for dinner TWO grilled FF ham and FF cheeses.

I walked about 4 miles total though. Forgot to add that to exercise!

I am not going to the gym again this week. I am still not up to par. And I gained .4 ounces, but I have another 3 days to get that off before weigh-in.

Happy Wednesday all. I won't be near a computer for a while, so I will check in later :)

I'm Eating: Kashi and milk when I get to work


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