3:06 p.m. - 11/14/2005
Same old
I have been watching what I eat for 20 days and thanks to a few slip ups and a mini-vacation I have gained 1 and a half pounds. But it would have been worse if I hadn't eaten the WW way for the most part. Tomorrow I get operated on and my food will not be my own for a couple days until I'm hobbling around on my own so its back on the wagon by this Thursday or Friday.


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7:56 a.m. - 11/14/2005
Back In
I'm here Jenn! I gained 6 ounces this week. So I'm back to taking this seriously! No weird work week, no dinner party planned for the weekend. I should be able to slip back into the WW Program without one excuse!


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8:52 a.m. - 11/14/2005
points schmoints
Kicking off Monday here I guess.

Horrible eating weekend. PMS just kicked my ass all over the place. My Flex points re-set Sat, right? Yeah, I ate them ALL already. The gathering with friends on Saturday kicked my points off the charts.

But that's ok. I still have a week to get control back. Tonight there shall be no work-out as I have to work really late...but tomorrow I am back. I got meds from the Doctor and they seem to be working.

How are you both out there?


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