9:50 p.m. - 11/16/2005
Disappointed in Me
aaacccckkkk! Sorry I didn't check in earlier today. It's Red's birthday and I've been busy. Took him out to lunch and pigged out at Denny's. I have no idea why he wanted to eat at Denny's but he did, so that's where we went. I have absolutely no willpower right now. I need to get my act together or I'm not going to lose any dang weight!

Tomorrow I'm taking my mom out for lunch at Panera. I'll work at not sabotaging the rest of my week.

Why is it so difficult this time around?

I know I have to get back to the gym but with my boutique around the corner, I need every moment I've got to work on that.

I'm feeling very weak and disappointed in myself.


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7:56 a.m. - 11/16/2005
Wake up everyone!!!!

Diane - how was surgery???

Kathy - how are you doing???

I am busy at work, that's why I am updating so early. Yesterday, I didn't eat lunch until 4p and I was awake since 7a. I even had to have a Smart Ones meal for breakfast!!! But I was on points (even had 1.5 leftover) so that is good. I am going to try getting to the gym tonight if I can. The meds have been helping and I am feeling better. I need to get my ass back in it!

I have no plan, meal-wise, for today. Which is bad considering I have no money either and it's expected to be just as busy as yesterday.

Hope you both are doing well!


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