9:35 a.m. - 11/28/2005
Back on the Wagon
How did I do? HAHAHA! I didn't even attempt to diet for Thanksgiving! I ate truffles and had seconds and even thirds of the stuff I liked. I gained (I think ) two pounds. Today I am back from surgery, my Maine vacation and the Holiday weekend and I'm getting serious again. I ate Morningstar eggs and soy bacon (2 strips for about 70 calories) which I think is delicious. I packed a tuna salad with some celery, lettuce and half a tomato with low fat mayo (no bread). For snacks I have celery sticks, olives, sugar free jello a pear and an apple. Tonight I wil have two grilled turkey burgers (again no bread but probably mustard). All of this should come in at about 1200 calories. I am stopping at the gym on the way home hoping that my knee likes the stationary bicycle and will hopefully work off 200 calories. I can't afford WW just yet and with the craziness of running around at this time of year I might as well just count calories and try to keep the carbs down.


I'm Eating: Nothing dang it!


2:53 p.m. - 11/26/2005
the Aftermath
So? How did you all do?

I think I did so-so but didn't weigh in. I want to do a week at the gym before I see no loss ;)

We had a debacle with the turkey too so it was mainly salad, homemade mashed sweet potatoes, a bit of white mashed taters, corn, green beans, stuffing, gravy and butternut squash for us. I did have a slice of apple and pumpkin pie though, but that was yesterday. We were too full to eat anything else!

Monday I am going to try to get at least 30 minutes in at the gym. I am going to be working late night until Wed. when I have a big thing going on at work. I hope I can stay on a good eating track until then!

Hope you girls are good!

I'm Eating: debating on a salad


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