10:08 a.m. - 12/05/2005
Same Old Song & Dance
No I didn't lose a pound. I didn't lose anything at all. Time to tighten the belt and get more restrictive. Crap. What's worse is that I not only bought fat jeans .. something I swore never to do again .. I have to buy a fat dress to go to a party this Friday. This sucks.


I'm Eating: To depressed to eat


12:09 p.m. - 12/02/2005
Maybe a pound!
Well I've been good all week and I might have lost a pound. It's hard to tell because I retain water but the scale read 148.8 this morning. I have to wait and see if it consistently stays in the 140's through the weekend. I haven't been able to step up the exercise yet because if I didn't have a doctor's appointment my *DOG* did! And tonight and the weekend are planned and nowhere near my gym. But I bought new gym shorts so that kind of counts. hehe!


I'm Eating: An Apple


1:58 p.m. - 12/01/2005
Not Good but Not Bad Either
Hi Guys,
I tried to be good this week and I am, so far. I have no idea if I lost weight though. I went to one doctor Tuesday and I was 155 with two pound shoes on. I went to another today and I was 151 with light mary jane type shoes on so who knows? I've been going by the bathroom scale upon wake up and that hasn't budged. If I see 150.6 one more time ..grrrr! All my blubber is in my middle too and the doctor reminded me today that it's the worst place to put it on (around your organs) so I guess I have to get even stricter and bump up the exercise a bit more. Other than that at least I didn't GAIN and I'm where I was pre-Thanksgiving so most of that weight bump must have been water! Whew!


I'm Eating: Sugar free candy


10:00 a.m. - 12/01/2005
That is the only way to describe my eating this week...UGH. I haven't even been logging my food. I will do a weigh in Sat. and start again I guess.

Today, it changes. Well, tomorrow. I have a work dinner to attend at a fancy Mexican restaurant and I have to eat what I am served. The only thing I've done well all week is take the tuna out of the loaf of bread that was my sandwich yesterday. Otherwise, McDonald's and Pizza were on the menu.

HB left for FL today. Tomorrow, after work (if I go in), I am cleaning out the fridge. I will wrap the Pizza for HB to eat Sunday when she gets off the plane but I won't touch it but one slice a day for lunch with a salad if I really need to. Giant gave me my $50 back from the Turkey Debacle so I have that to go food shopping with for the weekend.

Salads, fruit, chicken and veggies are on the table for me. I feel lathargic.

Hopefully good food and some exercise tomorrow night will set me right.

How are you both? Kathy, let us know how the EXTRAVAGANZA went! Diane, good news all around!!


I'm Eating: coffee, nothing more after the salt & vinegar chips I ate this morning...


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