10:45 a.m. - 12/13/2005
I've never gained weight during my visits to Disney World or Disneyland. I think it's the walking and the water to keep myself alive during the heat! Did I mention The Walking. Also, costs of Disney food will keep you from overeating due to the fact that you'll run out of money before you'll gain any weight!

When I eat popcorn, I don't lose weight so well. I think salt and water retention are key factors there. I've also given up on eating popcorn this time around. I've got more vegetables to snack on: sugar snap peas, baby carrots, celery. I think tea is a wise idea. It fills your stomach. I'm trying to sit with a cup every afternoon, which is my worst eating time.

Way to go with Operation Food Plan Jenn! The key is to have the good stuff on hand and then the other key is to eat it. I always have the good stuff on hand however tend to stray towards the other stuff that's on hand for my skinny family. It ain't easy dieting with skinny teenagers in the house!

I had a good WW day yesterday and today, so far so good! And I'm even dealing with baking and getting ready for a party I'm having here on Thursday night. I got smart this year and didn't make any cheesecakes for the party. My sister and sister-in-law gave me cookies so the only baking I'm doing is the biscotti I'm giving as gifts. If I eat it, I'll have to make more and I don't have time to make too much so that's helpig me keep my hands out of it.

I'm just trying to stay focused on being thinner, not letting in to all the goodies surrounding me. It's hard but after seeing my girlfriend last night who'd lost about 80 lbs. and has kept it off, I know how worth it this is - she's gorgeous!

Have a good dieting day gals!


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10:21 a.m. - 12/13/2005
Slow and Steady
Diane - sorry I left so many comments. I hate feeling as dejected as you sound in that entry so, since this is a diet journey journal, I thought I would try picking you up a little.

Kathy - I found it extremely daunting to look at a big fat huge number for my loss, so I changed it. Slow and steady wins the race.

Against my better judgement I got on the scale this morning. 205. So I lost 2 pounds. Not to mention TOM is arriving sometime this week. But so as not to fret, I went food shopping last night and armed myself with lots of goodies that are good for me. Week 1 of OPERATION FOOD PLANNING starts today! As does the gym.

I remembered that I had clothes still in the trunk of my car, so I didn't bother with packing any this morning. However, there are shorts in there and I haven't shaved my legs, well, in a while. Here's to hoping I don't use this as an excuse AND that no one is in there if and when I do go!

Happy Dieting!

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10:20 a.m. - 12/13/2005
Same Same Same
Well, I'm not losing but I'm not gaining either. I have found that I graze more now. I wonder if it has anything to do with some kind of oral fixation from when I used to smoke. I know that sound funny but I do feel the urge to eat even when not hungry so maybe that's it. As a substitute I'm trying gum and herbal teas and dropping the filling (but high carb) popcorn. I made it to the gym yesterday but tonight is iffy. My grandson has a concert and I'm going. See that's what is hard about trying to diet between Thanksgiving and Christmas, at least for me. I have dinners to attend and parties and concerts. That's food outside my control and time that I can't exercise. Plus I have at least three of these each week until I leave for Disney where I am completely at the hands of what's available because I sure as heck am not leaving the park to find a low calorie lunch and we will be picking out where we eat by group consensus of where the closest place is for where we are in the park. I have given up until the New Year. By that I don't mean I am throwing caution to the wind. What it means is that I will aim to lose but be happy if I stay exactly where I am and feel proud that I managed that with so many variables against me until the New Year when everything is under my control until Easter dinner! I'm tired of beating myself up because my weight hasn't budged in weeks!


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