8:48 a.m. - 12/16/2005
Christmas Party
Today is the company Christmas party there is a breakfast buffet and a catered lunch, also a buffet. If it's like past buffets it's sandwich meat and cheese and salad. I can choose wisely if it is. But I cheated and had a blueberry muffin and a deviled egg at the breakfast buffet. The deviled egg wasn't worth it. Whoever made it used yucky mayo. The blueberry muffin on the other hand was great and straight from Dunkin's! I won't feel too badly about it if I get to the gym on the way home. Stew is coming over this weekend and I don't know what time he'll arrive tonight so I don't know if I have to hurry home to meet him, but if he's at all late I'm going to the gym. I'll find out later this afternoon what time he's coming. I was a good girl and went to the gym yesterday. I've been doing the strength training routine on the bike instead of the fat burner because I want to strengthen my legs after the surgery. But a funny thing happened on the treadmill. I was propping a book that I was reading on the console and it turned out that I had my hand on the incline button. It went up very gradually and so I didn't notice it until other people were looking at me and smiling and I was wondering why I was huffing so much and why the book seemed to be moving as I read it.

I'm enjoying feeling full from this muffin. I know I won't lose weight because I ate it. It seems like I don't lose weight unless I feel a little hungry most of the time. Has that been your experience too?


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2:37 p.m. - 12/15/2005
How am I doing??? Yeesh!
I'm not quite where you are. We had a toastmaster meeting with a yankee swap and I ate two brownies but I'm going to the gym tonight so hopefully I'll walk and bike off something. Plus I went to a girlfriend's house for a Christmas dinner last night. Drinks, pork chops, gravy. She made the mashed potatoes with half a stick of butter and it was only enough potatoes for her and me. She made me my plate and did my portions. What can ya do? It's only one meal. I'm not going to be a nazi about it during this season. But I have made a resolution that I'm stopping drinking or cutting waaaaaaay back right after the holidays. It is my number one source of useless calories and my number one offender for a healthier lifestyle in general. So I'm with you on that one Jenn. BTW grats on the pound! You Rock!

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12:13 p.m. - 12/15/2005
Holiday Party
Well, TOM arrived this morning but for the heck of it, I weighed in and lost another pound. BUT -- I am not logging it until Saturday.

I've been home sick for the past 2 days so we'll wait until tomorrow after the office Holiday party to weigh in. I am not drinking. I've already decided that. Now, I have no idea what kind fo food there will be but smart choices I will make.

Found a new breakfast for 4 points -- 2 boiled eggs (minus one of the yolks) and 17 slices of turkey pepperoni! LOVE IT!

It's snowing so I am going back to the couch. HB is sick too but she's worse so I will be taking care of her today.

How are you both out there???


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