9:35 a.m. - 12/19/2005
Grats to Jenn!
Congratulations to Jenn! Six pounds is wonderful! I am really happy for you! As for me I am still in my holding pattern until the New Year. I think I'm going to return to Atkins after I return from Disney. It failed the second time I tried it but I didn't do it exactly like I did the first time. This time I will be stricter. It's funny but it was two years ago at this season that I originally lost the weight and now I'm going to try to repeat it, only I don't have to lose as much this time, Thank god!


I'm Eating: water


9:34 p.m. - 12/18/2005
it's a loss!
This week I've learned something new. It may not be a revelation to some, but it's done smacked me in the head.

I should stop eating when I am full!

Someone said you sigh when you are full -- and wouldn't you know it, I've been sighing when full. And this week, I've stopped eating and started listening to my body.

Granted, I've been home and on a budget so we've been eating exactly what we've bought, but I started the week around 207 pounds again. I weighed in yesterday and was at 201.

201 ladies! That's down 6 pounds! Now, I just need to keep it up. I am going to the gym tomorrow even if it kills me.

I'm Eating: 3 clementines


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