1:56 p.m. - 12/22/2005
I'm a weak piggy
You know, no amount of substituting gum, diet hard candies, 100 calorie packs of wheat thins and low-fatpopcorn will really take away the craving when all you really want is the two pack of vanilla Hostess Cupcakes with the orange frosting and the vanilla cream in the middle. When you finally give in because you have to make it STOP somehow it makes you feel weak gor giving in and stupid that you ate all that other stuff trying to make it go away.

Sixty seven grams of carbs on top of the bazzillion in popcorn. I'm disgusted with myslef. How do you guys deal with a strong craving?


P.S. I made it to the gym last night but can't tonight because of an appointment at the Vets for my doggy. What about you guys and excercise?

PPSS Still Holding

PPPSSS Man o' man I loves me these cupcakes! and the craving *did* go away!

I'm Eating: Hostess Cupcakes with the orange frosting


11:30 a.m. - 12/21/2005
Holding Pattern
I'm holding steady at 151 (just two pounds from the 140's and I can't seem to get there!) but I'm running around alot for pre-christmas stuff. For instance I had a McDonalds meal on the way to see my nephew's band concert. Sure I could have ordered the salad but that's not finger food you can eat while driving whereas a sandwich is. It's also the only one in over a month (or maybe two!) But today I can get to the gym and come this Sunday I too will be walking all day and night at Disney World. If I can just hold here until Jan 1st I will have everything back in my full control again. I know you say I should have it in my control now but honestly when you are dealing with a vacation with 7 adults and 5 kids you just go with the consensus and make the best decision you can where you are. I just don't have it in me to turn into a food Nazi when I'm sharing life with other people. But when I'm back in control .. I'll be evil and very strict.

I was reading on three fat chicks that studies have been done that show that calorie counting is probably the most effective way to diet. They said that carb counting didn't really do anything. I wonder if that's why Atkins worked the first time but not the second for me. I was depressed and not eating the first time. The second time I was better emotionally and although I ate no carbs I still ate plenty because I thought I could. If you look at WW and add the calories I betcha it comes out at about 1200 calories a day> Do you know if it does?


I'm Eating: Pork Chops!


9:48 a.m. - 12/21/2005
peeing in a cup
Still maintaining kids. I lost it a bit yesterday on the caramel corn, but that's ok. Today is another day.

No exercise though. I don't know what makes me so adverse to it! I was thinking of starting next Tuesday, one day before Florida where I will be walking to death. Gear myself up some, so to speak.

Today I have to fast from 12-4 when the insurance guy comes to work so I can pee in a cup and he can draw blood. Fun. No eating for 4 hours. Whatever wil I do?

3 more shopping days ladies!

I'm Eating: wonder light bread, mustarrd, fat free cheddar and turkey pepporoni and a light and fit yogurt for breakfast


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