9:10 a.m. - 01/09/2006
Well I've eaten all the carbs I had left in the house and went out for a last meal with Stew (pizza!!). I was going to count calories but I've decided to go Atkins one last time. It worked before, it should work again, especially if I limit my calories. I think part of why it worked the first time so well was because I was also in grief from my break up and I hardly ate. The second time I tried it I was eating packs of peanuts (at 300 calories a pack and eating a minimum of three a day)which gave me almost a 1000 caalories all by themselves, never mind my normal meals after that. So I am doing it right the way I first did it (minus the grief) and limiting my intake and severely restricting carbs for the first two weeks. Today I have cut up chunks of roasted chicken breast to snack on and some pot roast for lunch. I had two eggs for breakfast and will buy some celery and olives for snacks tonight after I get out of the gym. This time I'm doing it! Bye Bye Fat!

PS Figures that I start today. I have a noon meeting with free pizza. Typical huh? Edit: Son of a beach! I just had 4 hard candies (sugar free) out of curiosity I just checked the carbs .. FOURTEEN! I'm not supposed to have more that 20 all day! *mutter* *cuss* *curse*. Being stupid will trump being determined every time.

I'm Eating: Chicken


3:41 p.m. - 01/08/2006
January Weigh In
Ugh. 207 AGAIN!

Last time for the scale until February 8th ladies. I am going into the bathroom right now and putting it into the pantry. Because I am going to work out tomorrow, build muscle all month and give my body time to catch up scale-wise.

Today I actually weighed myself and put my weight all on my left arm, that was attached to the sink. Just to see what it feels like to be at my goal of 179 (before the wedding).

And it felt good. Bad because I eventually had to snap back into reality, but good to see that number. I can't wait to get there...


I'm Eating: I went to Ruby Tuesday's -- no need to know what I ate...


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