9:31 a.m. - 01/17/2006
Last night I couldn't stand the thought of putting on gym clothes that sat in my car at 20 degrees all day. I rented the DVD of Serenity and went home and lit a bunch of candles instead. But I stayed with the diet and this morning I weighed in at 148 pounds even. That's .2 pounds less than yesterday. My evening weight is now what my morning weight was when I began on the 9th.

It's a good thing too because my brand new winter white corduroys that I bought just a wee bit snug shrunk in the washer so now they are still a wee bit snug instead of unwearable. *Whew*

Todays lunch is corned beef roll ups because I didn't defrost the chicken breasts in time. I just get sliced corned beef from the deli and run a strip of mustard down it and roll it up. No bread and filling and tasty. I got used to this as a meal when I was doing my chemotherapy and nothing tasted good except a few foods. This was one of them. The other was a particular brand of chicken noodle soup. I know it sounds a bit weird but I like it.

Tonight I hit the gym. It's not warm out but it sure as heck is above freezing so the gym clothes won't kill me to put on. Exercising three times a week at the gym is a habit I'd like to make permanent as a life style change. Because of that I'm trying to find things that I find enjoyable to do. I don't mind the treadmill or the stationary bike if I can read or watch a movie on my portable DVD player. But if my mind isn't occupied I can't stand it and it's the most boring thing on Earth so I plan accordingly. What do you guys do to make the gym pleasant as an experience?

I'm Eating: Romaine leaves dipped in fat free Italian dressing


9:19 a.m. - 01/17/2006
Morning ladies!

Ok, so I didn't gain the 5 pounds I thought I had -- only 6 ounces, including the Burger King I ate on the road. But that didn't stop me from bringing my gym stuff in today. I am going to look at it like this: even though I am not to where I once was at the gym (i.e.-lifting and doing as much stuff for lack of strength and equipment), even a half hour walking is more than I was doing and it all helps! I think that's a positive way of looking at things.

But it's back to the grind and I am sitting at my desk with a large cup of water, ready to get hot water for my oatmeal and take the stairs. For lunch, a salad and sandwich (what I got all last week, at least while I was here).

Back on plan and ready to blow out of the 200's and into the 190's! And HB guessed her b-day gift so I can tell you why I wanted to be around 189 by the end of Feb. -- I am taking her to NYC to see the Phantom on Broadway as well as to dinner at Broadway Joe's and overnight in a hotel :) I wanted to get a new outfit for it. If I do still drop 10+ in a little over a month (which is slightly doable), I will buy an outfit. Otherwise, it's something old :( But I will still look good in it!

I'm Eating: oatmeal, as soon as I can get up to make it


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