10:33 a.m. - 01/20/2006
Well nothing changed overnight and I'm still 147.2. Digital scales are funny though. I drank a huge glass of water and for grins I re-weighed myself. It read 148.4. Do you think a 10 or 12 oz glass of water weighs a pound and 2 tenths? I don't weigh very religiously on weekends because I wake up at odd times and it makes a real difference at least for me. So I like the same time and same place naked before I eat or drink weigh in. Since our bodies are always in flux it's the best I get for comparable weights.

Yesterday I was so hungry and there is NOTHING in the vending machines that is carbless except peanuts. Now peanuts, I believe, although only 9 carbs and only 5 count because you subtract the 4g of fiber, are the reason my last Atkins diet failed. They have 290 calories and 230 of them are fat. This is why I think you still have to watch calories even if you're on Atkins.

Theoretically I should have been able to eat 4 bags a day if I had no other carbs and I did eat all 4 bags a day and restricted my other carbs. I thought I found some wonderful weigh to lose weight. Eggs morning, meat afternoon and peanuts for snack. I gained ten pounds. The 4 tiny 1.75 oz. bag of peanuts alone were 104 grams of fat and 920 calories. So although I was following the letter of the law I failed. No matter what diet you are on you can't eat all you want.

But yeah, anyways I was so hungry and I didn't want to break my body out of ketosis so I ate the peanuts. Two bags. Somebody shoot me *cry* But I went to the gym and worked off one bag later that night so I don't feel too guilty. Also I found a string cheese that is made of low fat mozzarella and only 50 calories a stick and only one carb. It's my new snack and pretty tasty and since they are individually wrapped they are easy to throw into the cooler and pack.

PS Jenn all hard liquor (not beer or wine) is zero carbs if you follow Atkins :)

Have fun! I'm going to the gym and a movie with someone who isn't Stew. I need a break!

I'm Eating: A Low Fat Mozzarella String Cheese Stick


10:09 a.m. - 01/20/2006
dinner and drinks
I went to the gym last night. 20 minutes on the bike and 15 on the EFX as well as a few arm sets!

I was excited because a cute girl asked me to gym it with her. Not so much excited about the cute thing as I am having someone to talk to and motivate me while there. For example, I really wanted to do 10 minutes on each. But insead of feeling like a dolt, I worked that much harder. It's hard to quit when people are watching, you know?

There was another woman there who was nice enough and said, "everyone has 30 minutes a day to exercise!" So that's going to be my philosphy. 30 minutes at least 4 times a week -- be it in the gym or a walk with HB at home.

I feel so good this morning. My foot hardly hurts. My shoulders and elbows less so too.

Kathy -- I LOVED the curry soup. HB didn't care for it though. I realized I bought Cream of Coconut and not Coconut Milk -- although it has less fat and cals than milk, it's sweeter I think. So I had to add extra water. But it was YUMMY and what I will have for lunch tomorrow.

Dinner will be a liquid one -- going out with friends for the first time in forever!

Happy Friday! TGIF!


I'm Eating: oatmeal


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