10:30 a.m. - 01/25/2006
I've gained a pound even though I have been very good about exercising and my diet. It must be a plateau and water weight. I will keep on keeping on and have faith that it has to drop as long as I have calories in less than calories used and skimp on carbs.


I'm Eating: Lettuce, celery and green olives (meat loaf for lunch)


7:54 a.m. - 01/25/2006
OP day!
I am in an all day conference today so I won't be around but wanted to say I got to the gym last night and the guys there, for some reason, made me all kinds of competitive. Which was good considering I ate 2 cupcakes and needed to burn the 400 cals that they were.

I think I did that and more!

Have a great On Plan (OP) day!

I am just hoping they have something I can eat for breakfast and lunch!

I'm Eating: whatever they give me


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