11:55 a.m. - 01/26/2006
I need routine
Wow! I'd never lose if I ate like you guys! I was *strict* and gained weight anyways but I'm almost back to where I was. This morning was 147.4 and my old weight was 147.2. I got to the gym every night this week and will tonight too. I've added in an elliptical type thingy in addition to my bike and treadmill and my thighs are aching! It uses muscles I haven't used in awhile!

As far as food I ran out of Scramblers so I had cold meatloaf for breakfast and packed a chicken breast for lunch. I cooked 6 of them so guess what lunch is for the next 6 days (I froze 3 of them don't worry! I won't eat old meat!)

Without a strict schedule I don't know how you diet at all Kathy. It's only by being so structured that I can make this diet work. The weekend sucks it's so hard to stay on track! I will eat anything and I have no willpower at all if I feel very hungry. So before I leave home I have a giant cooler packed with everything I need and I snack all day. It's a routine now.

1/2 cup Scramblers
2 Morning star fake bacon strips

snacks until lunch:
3 stalks celery
10 medium green olives
5 romaine leaves
2 tablespoons of fat free Italian dressing (for dipping)
1 ounce low fat mozzarella string cheese package

Chicken breast, 2 porkchops or some meatloaf etc you get the Atkins idea
1 sugar free jello

3 diet cokes and rum :) Did I say that out loud!? I mean one great salad!

I eat all day and if I should get hungry in the afternoon I'll break down and get the 300 calorie peanuts but I hate them because I think they're what put me in this condition in the first place so I have to be VERY humgry.

Now this can be boring eating and very repetitive but you *will* lose and I'm determined and it's temporary. Since it's based on a chemical change within my body I can't cheat except in the most minor way or I will get thrown out of ketosis. I test with a litmus strip twice a week to be sure and it helps me to stay strict.

I think that even if I went on WW I would come up with a formula to follow and do it to the letter or I wouldn't accomplish any weight loss. I need the regimentation and routine for success.

I'm Eating: Lemon pepper chicken


9:52 a.m. - 01/26/2006
Straighten up and Fly Right
Way to go Jenn! You're doing great!

I tried Coke Zero this past weekend. I hate it. I can definitely taste a difference. I am a Coke snob. I guzzle Diet Coke all day long but yearn for my real Coke. Which I have whenever I have 3 points to spare. I rearrange my eating so I can have a real Coke. Coke Zero just doesn't do it for me. I wish it did!

I am doing horribly this week. I've already used up all of my flex points through next Monday! But I'm not giving up. I'll eat my allotted points per day and get in exercise so I can have a couple more points worth.

I just need to sit down and figure out why I let myself goof off.

It was yesterday. I had to work and then take the youngest back to the doctor - where we always stop by the Krispy Kreme when we're done. I had two of those evil 5 pts. a piece donuts! It didn't help that I'd already hit McDonald's for lunch. I just never know what to do about lunch at work. I don't work long enough to justify a good lunch break so run to get the closest thing available so I can eat it while I work. And I never know if I'm going to be at work long enough to bother bringing a sack lunch. I'll just have to grow up and figure this one out!


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10:44 a.m. - 01/26/2006
Food, glorious food
The food yesterday at the conference was spectacular. I did pretty well, only going 4 points over for the day.

For breakfast, I had a bagel. But, as opposed to slathering it in cream chesse as is my norm, I had one tablespoon and that was it. I got lots of fresh fruit and a granola bar and ate that until it was lunch.

At lunch, there was enough food to feed a small army! There were pastas and veggies and yummy cakes.

I filled my plate with lettuce, yummy grilled chicken breast and london broil with literally a teaspoon of dressing (it was *that* good! It didn't even need dressing), a small spoon of grilled salmon and some grilled veggies, but a small portion because I didn't know what the marinade was.

I skipped all the yummy cakes and opted for a pear instead.

Yes, yes I did.

And have you all tried Coke Zero yet? I adore Coke, but stopped drinking it 3-4 years ago when I started this journey. It also reminded me of Paris and the ex, but the stuff was so refreshing. Anyway, Coke Zero? Tastes just like Coke with the nutritional information of Diet Coke (without the aftertaste of aspertame).

But then came the 3-4p hour. And I had a small bowl full of mixed chips, some mentos, and 2 chocolate chip cookies. Not as bad as it could have been but not as great.

Dinner was cheese (50% light Cabot) and fat-free bologna -- I was in the mood to pick and not eat.

I got on the scale this morning for the first time all week (go me!) and I was only a few ounces heavier. So the gym it is tonight! I want to show some kind of loss for Saturday, even if it's just a pound.

The real tell-tale weigh-in will be on February 4. I will have been working out 1-2x a week for a month and I want to see a nice loss. Even if I just get into the 190's, I will be happy.

Then it's another 3-4 weeks to get into the 180's and if I keep up this pace, I know I can do it!

How are you ladies doing this week?

I'm Eating: bacon, eggs, potatoes


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