1:35 p.m. - 01/27/2006
Good Idea
I think you are right we never talked about expectations and what we want this to mean to us. I too want honesty but if someone suggests something and I take the time to refute it I would like to be believed and the subject dropped. Also I'm trying really hard and it doesn't seem that you guys are. Now this is the internet and I don't see the cookies etc. you turn down but when I hear about the ones you eat I get disappointed because I feel like I'm doing it alone and when you BOTH post that you cheated I feel VERY alone.

I would also like to post my difficult experiences. Like right now this.very.minute the whole office is at a birthday party with cake. Two humongous cakes because 8 people have their birthday in January. Chocolate cake. With Frosting from a bakery. It looks friggen deliscious. Every.single.person.I.work.with is in there and I'm in my cubicle wishing I could eat it and feeling kind of left out because I can't go in there and watch them all pig out without eating any myself and cake would throw me right out of the Atkins diet I chose to follow.

I feel left out but I also feel a little proud that I didn't cave in. I would like to share something like that and get a "poor baby" or an "atta girl" depending on how much I whine about it. If I do 20 minutes on a piece of equipment I don't want to feel like I did it alone. Maybe we should have a log page where we log minutes on treadmills bikes etc and we can see our exercise efforts and maybe even have a little contest. What do you think?

PS. And maybe the individual weight tickers belong on our own sites and we put up a joint one that we watch go down so we all helped lower it together?

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1:07 p.m. - 01/27/2006
clearing the air
OK -- the post was deleted and I put some good questions in the comments there ladies.

Expectations: should we set them?

I mean, we never talked about what this journal would mean for each of us and what we wanted to get out of it.

I for one want honesty. If someone spots something I am not doing right or that is hindering my loss -- kick my @ss in gear. Unsolicited advice is welcome!

Second, a pat on the back when I do something well -- be it on the scale or at the gym, no matter how small -- is greatly appreciated.

Third, a sounding board. I'd like this to be a forum of ideas -- not judgements. We are all strong and opinionated. If something is taken too much to heart, iron it out with that person. Remember, words read and words said are sometimes misconstrued!

Does that help or hinder things?

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