1:46 p.m. - 11/01/2005
Bust a Gut
Oh Lordy! My gut is full and I still have 10 1/2 points to eat today! I had a cup of Green Giant broccoli in zesty cheese sauce, a veggie burger on a bun and a WW Cookies & Cream ice cream bar for lunch. It's a gorgeous day and I should go out for a walk but I don't wanna!

Jenn - I forgot to tell you that my username over at the WW boards is "Kathrynn". I haven't been on much lately. Suppose I should, maybe I'd get my buns out the door. I'll just live vicariously through you today.


I'm Eating: Lots of low-point stuff


9:57 a.m. - 11/01/2005
counting away
I concur with Kathy, Diane...just count the points. Once you can join the site, it will be easier for you. Want me to mail you all the info Kathy sent me when I was starting? It has all the books and everything. It was very, very helpful! And I have to mail out eBay auctions tomorrow so I am going to the post office anyway. Send send me your postal addy and they are yours!

I am counting everything right now -- I just personally need to hold myself accountable. So each carrot is even going into the website. Have I mentioned that I love it. I love being able to just punch it all in and not having to do the math.

Kathy - I cooked the Mediterranean Pizza last night. I made a few modifications though and it came out to like 8 points per slice. I am sure I did it wrong but the cheese...

I used Pillsbury dough in a can (was the least cals at 160 cals per slice), 18 olives, about 30 capers, some tomato paste ad 1/2 tablespoon of olive oil and then 5 servings of RF Mozzarella. The pizza made 6 servings. I counted it all and divided my 6 and it was ridiculous. For that amount of points. I could have a slice of stuffed crust pizza!

Anyway, that threw me off track for 7 flex points and it wasn't very filling for either HB or I so we won't have it again.

Today I am back at work and am still on track...


I'm Eating: stonyfield farms FF yogurt, banana, Diet Hansens All Natural soda, 1 cup of coffee, water!


7:59 a.m. - 11/01/2005
Fat is Good
Hold on there Diane! Just because you aren't adding a fraction of fat doesn't mean you're doing this all wrong! Points counting is definitely the thing that allows you to lose weight. Yes, a body needs fat. That's for sure. And Weight Watchers has recently started pushing that message. However, you are the queen of olives for snacks right? I'm sure there might be a bit of fat in those that's healthy for you. I "cheat" by using a teaspoon of butter to fry my egg in the morning with. (Unless I'm feeling like I really ate unhealthy the day before, in that case, I use PAM) I don't count the points. I'm sure that's not the proper WW thing to do. But it doesn't stop me from losing weight. I also use half and half in my two cups of coffee in the morning and I don't count those. Still not stopping me from losing weight. It's so important to stay on this program long-term and if we talk ourselves out of it by each imperfection, it's just not going to work.

My friend who lost over 80 pounds never counts her cream in her coffee. And let me tell you, she's more than a two-cup per day kind of gal.

On the other hand, I have a friend who's been trying to lose weight forever. She hardly eats any fat. Her metabolism must be so slow because of the lack of fat. She doesn't lose much. I find that when I eat a small piece of steak during the week, I tend to lose more weight than if I don't. There's got to be alot to the science of fat and metabolism boosting.

Have a peanut butter sandwich!

I ate lots of Halloween candy. Used up a big chunk of my flex points. So today I'll be towing the line.


I'm Eating: Fried Egg and Lite Cheese Bagel


8:32 a.m. - 11/01/2005
Happy Tuesday
Halloween sucks! Did you know that those teeny tiny little "fun bars" of Musketeers, Snickers or Milky Way are two darned points a piece? I had extra points until I cracked and had a few of those. My daughter and I were talking and she says I'm doing it all wrong that you have to do more than count points. She says I need a teaspoon or two of a fat each day or my body won't release fat in the form of butter, oil or mayonnaise. Since you guys are official members is this true?

I'm Eating: Celery Sticks


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