10:50 a.m. - 12/05/2005
Staying Overactive
I'm down almost two pounds from last week. Soon as I get a chance, I'll update my ticker. I'm sorry. It's chaos central what with the boutique in my house and now I'm painting the Great Big Giant Kitchen Family Room this week.

I'm On Track with the Weight Watchers for the day. It'll be so much easier to stay on track now that I've got a quiet week with no planned lunches or other shindigs with food. I really think the key to my success is to stay as busy as I can so that I don't have time to eat!


I'm Eating: Just had a banana for a snack. Go me!


10:12 a.m. - 12/05/2005
Same Old Song & Dance
No I didn't lose a pound. I didn't lose anything at all. Time to tighten the belt and get more restrictive. Crap. What's worse is that I not only bought fat jeans .. something I swore never to do again .. I have to buy a fat dress to go to a party this Friday. This sucks.


I'm Eating: Too depressed to eat


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