2:33 p.m. - 12/07/2005
Hateful Thoughts
It's really difficult to lose weight this time of year. All those goodies tempting us. All that rum! Well, not so much the rum for me as the Bailey's Irish Cream and the chocolate cake that I bake with it! We really need to be kind to ourselves and just try to make an effort. We can kick into high gear January 1st!

I was listening to a clip from that Hateful Dr. Laura this morning. A caller phoned in to ask if she was shallow because she was no longer attracted to her boyfriend due to his 30 lb. weight gain (on top of the 20 he already needed to lose). Dr. Laura, ever sympathetic, ahem, told her that No, she had a right to be turned off by him because his weight showed his lack of character and discipline.

Like he was a murderer or something. I really hate that woman and couldn't disagree with her more on this one. Are we of poor character because we're overweight? Does this say that we're not people of discipline?

I am a very moral person with a plate full of discipline-driven choices.

Then again, that hateful little voice in my head that's always spewing negative thoughts about my being overweight sounds just like that hateful Dr. Laura.

I plan to be kinder to myself and give myself some time to get through this weight loss journey. Dr. Laura is the Bitch inside of us all that plays those messages that don't help.

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9:47 a.m. - 12/07/2005
I've fallen so far off the wagon, it's left me in the middle of the road with no where to go but down.

Or something.

I've eaten like CRAP. And I gained ALL my weight back to boot. What the fuck is wrong with me? Why do I eat to avoid stress?

It only makes *more* stress, not less.

Today, back on it. I have to be. We can go food shopping on Friday so I hope to eat well until then.

And can I just say that I hate putting my weight in online! I find the message when you gain rude. Not that it has stopped me or anything.


I need help! I need to get back on track for the holidays! I need to change the way I think about food too. I have about 6 months to lose about 40 pounds.

Doable? Yes.

I want to lose at least 25 of those pounds for real before the wedding. Why can't I kick my ass in gear??????

I'm Eating: 2 Leggo Special K waffles with SF Syrup and Brummel and Brown, 4 oz orange juice


9:19 a.m. - 12/07/2005
Have to count better!
I've been sick and it's kind of killed my appetite. Maybe I'll lose a pound that way. I've been eating turkey wraps for lunch all week because Stew made a turkey and sent me home with most of it. This morning I even had it for breakfast because I ran out of Morningstar scramblers. I add my calories and I'm always 1200 or less and I don't lose because I don't include the rum in my diet coke. I bet it's an extra 400 calories and that would make me stay where I am instead of lose. I know I should have counted it but on Atkins I didn't have to and I didn't want to start because I'm stupid and hope I could get away with it. So I become a tea-totaler today (or however it's spelled LOL!

Meanwhile what's been going on with you guys? Kathy you had a boutique. That must have screwed something up and Jenn HB has been away that changes how you eat too. Tell me whazzup!


I'm Eating: 4 Celery stalks & 10 little green olives


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