11:29 a.m. - 01/03/2006
Back in the saddle again!
I gained FIVE pounds! Did you know that you can't even get a single burger in park unless you really hunt now? It's all double bacon cheese burgers. I ordered a salad and it came with FRIES! But I'm back home and incontrol now. I suspect that some of it was water weight because my diet changed so abruptly that my body was probably going WTF? I didn't even go to the bathroom normally until today. I know .. too much info ..LOL! I saw an advertisement that said that WW is dropping the registration fee for this month. I was going to count calories but if the fee is waved them maybe not. I'll be looking into it. In any case if the snow lets up I'll be at the gym tonight and back in the groove.

I'm Eating: Pretzels


11:46 a.m. - 01/01/2006
First of the Year
The first of the New Year and I'm on a weight loss roll already. (Easy for me to say seeing as how it's just noon here)

Now that you're back, Diane, I'm curious to find out if you lost or gained while at Disney! I sure hope our Jenn is having fun!


I'm Eating: Healthy Choices


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