12:31 p.m. - 02/07/2006
Healthy Hopes for Us All
Perhaps it's the time of year when all of us who started off with such good dieting intentions, fail.

But we haven't failed yet, really, have we gals?

We're just restructuring!

And now that none of us are on Weight Watchers, maybe we can still use this place to support each other?

Diane - I just posted a comment to your entry. I'm really proud of you and hope the best for you.

Jenn - You're gorgeous and will be beautiful in your bridal gown, no matter what size the industry labels it!

Me - Ooooh! My aching arms! I lifted free weights for 45 minutes. I haven't lifted weights for well over a year. My arms are shaking and I can't seem to get them to go where I want them to go. This is good, right? I'm just happy that even though I had to pick up diarrhea boy at school, I didn't use the beast as an excuse to not work out. He's fine now. I'm the one who's suffering!

Have a healthy eating day gal pals, no matter how you do it!

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12:32 p.m. - 02/07/2006
From my last post at my own site I can see that I am not the only one in pain here and I'm not the only one massively confused and frustrated. If you come from a place that wasn't that damned bad in the first place and you cut out what little you did allow yourself and exercise and very little happens then it's HUGELY irritating.

I can tell you guys now but I never really knew when I really lost weight for two reasons.

1. The rum dehydrates you and I was a daily drinker
2. Carbs hold water more than protein and I had cut out carbs

So I could drop 5 pounds overnight and never know if I really lost anything. Also Atkins is not working like it did the first time although I think it may be working a little but nowhere near the two pounds a week I hoped for. More like a pound and that may be mostly from exercising. I am down 6 pounds in 6 weeks but that is from my all time high and with the water weight thing who knows if I was bloated or what, so I really don't know if I lost a thing but I think so because of my clothes fitting a little looser.

I just wanted to tell you guys that I'm trying to quit forever and that I *finally* made some progress and it may/should help the diet.

Love Ya Both

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