10:17 a.m. - 11/28/2005
How about a challenge???
There is lots of sugar at my place, but I can have it in moderation. Hell, there's been a can of FF Pringles in the cabinet for 7 whole days and I haven't eaten them all at once.

Like you Kathy, my week is going to be stressful I am going to try my hardest to get to the gym today and tomorrow. Then HB leaves Thursday morning so I will skip Wed to be with her, but og Thursday and Maybe Friday. I need to keep it at low impact so as not to screw with my knee and shin splints!

I've been waking up so achy every morning. I think it's a combo of the crappy bed I have (that the Ex and I slept in! Drives HB nuts) and the fact that I am not exercising. So, we bought a new bed last night and I have to get to the gym today. It arrives next Tuesday and I don't want to waste it by not working out!

I am back to logging in my food as of today. I weighed in a pound heavier too. I logged it on WW but am going to wait until Saturday to weigh in and change the ticker. I know I might see a gain from the muscle but that's ok too. I know I will feel better in the long run!

Aside from money woes (which sometimes makes me eat), I am doing ok. Now, t get through the month of December.

Anyone up for a challenge?

I joined a challenge on 3FC. 195 pounds by Jan 4th (when I get back from FL and have a scale). That means losing about 2 a week from here on out. Anyone with me?


I'm Eating: 3 slices of bacon, eggs I hated and tossed, and fresh fruit with a Diet Coke


9:03 a.m. - 11/28/2005
Closet Eater
Sorry Diane, I'm going to click on the New Day button for this entry. Get our week started with a fresh page. It sounds like you and I did about the same for the holiday weekend.

I gained one pound.

Not too shabby. But still, somebody needs to get over here and kick me in the butt!

I'm back on program today and am going to have to fight to stay there all week long. It's a very stressful week for me with the boutique starting on Thursday. My house will be filled with chaos, people, stress and an inability to cook for myself, what with my kitchen being filled with boutique goodies. And we potluck the food. I'll have to be tough with the portions. However, seeing as how I'm more of a closet overeater than I am with people watching, I should do okay.

Have a good, successful weight loss week my friends!


I'm Eating: Lender's Bagel with Whipped Cream Cheese and Ham - 5 1/2 points


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