9:37 a.m. - 01/16/2006
Atkins seems to be working for me this time. I didn't understand why it didn't work for me about 9 months ago when I first started noticing the pounds. I think it's because you can't eat "all you want just because it's a protein and not a carb" and you have to watch calories too. I am definitely in Ketosis this time also. I tested it with a litmus strip that tests for ketones. Last time I never entered ketosis and I think I was wishy washy about limiting my carbs. I was allowing myself an apple a day which is 16 carbs. I can only have 20 a day and it basically put me over the top. In short I wasn't following the diet and the result is that it didn't work.

This time I'm following it very strictly and the result is that it's working. My results so far are:

Monday 153.6 (January 9th)
Tuesday 152.2
Wednesday 151.4
Thursday 151.4
Friday 151.4
Sat to Sunday .. I don't know
Monday 148.2 (January 16th)

I've dropped 5 pounds the first week. Even if a lot of it is water I'm positive at least 2 of it is fat. I've bought myself a resistance tube. It looks like a jump rope but it's stretchy and is great for upper body resistance training while I'm watching the boob tube. I want to make sure what I lose is fat and not muscle although I'm eating so much protein I don't know why my body would change my protein (muscle) into a fuel. Besides my pants are starting to fit a bit more loosely. I had to buy a belt for my fat pants but I'm not quite comfortable in my skinnier pants just yet. I think I was 142 when I bought my first pair of fat pants on the way up the scale. Yes folks I admit it. This is my SECOND set of fat pants and I'm trying to get in the first set. Pitiful isn't it that I let it go so far?


PS Jenn Grats on being an Auntie. I'm so happy everything worked out for a healthy outcome!

PPSS Kathy I got the necklace and I love it! I've got so many compliments on it! Also Grats to you on getting to the gym so often and your 2.8 pound weight loss. I suspect that's what my "real" loss is without the magic shedding water trick. It's funny because Atkins hooks so many people with it's jump start that is so encouraging but after that it's just like any other diet and you get the same two pounds per week.

PPPSSS We get images with this gold account don't we? Maybe we should post before pictures of ourselves before we get too skinny .. hehe

I'm Eating: Celery and herbal tea. It's cold!


8:11 a.m. - 01/16/2006
Stuggle for Success
2.6 weight loss this week! It was a struggle, but less of a struggle than the week before. Hopefully it'll be even easier this week.

I got into the gym 3 times last week and hope to do the same this week. I hope to start running a little more each week.

I've got WW recipes for soup that I downloaded and purchased the groceries for so am going to experiment this week on some new ones. I'll let you know what works (and what doesn't)

Have a good weight loss week Diane and Jenn!

How are the new baby and new mom doing, Jenn?


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