12:27 p.m. - 11/08/2005
I did well yesterday and came in at approximately 20 points. I have a lasagna square for supper that I'm trying to keep my points down so I can eat it. I have no idea how many points in a homemade lasagna with cheese and burger is but I'm guessing 8ish which makes it very expensive, but very tasty. I'm trying to afford it by keeping the portion size down. It's tall (about 2 and a half inches) but smaller than a deck of cards in size. Stew is taking me to New Hampshire for Thursday and Friday nights. That will be two nights and three days that I will have very little control over what I eat. But of the choices I do make I wil try to choose vegtables as in soups and salads. I always look at things like this as special occasions and splurge thinking "It's just this once". The thing is that I have A LOT of special occasions and I gotta knock it off. It's never just this once.

BTW I'm loving the WW bagels with Low Fat creamcheese. Most of the high fiber, low carb, low calorie breads taste like someone threw a handful of sawdust into the dough before baking but this one tastes ok! I have the English Muffins frozen but I'll be test driving them next week. Otherwise my lunch continues to be a vegtable type soup worth about 3 points for the entire can even if it says it's two servings. Last night my supper was a piece of frozen cod about the size of a deck of cards and a can of asparagas. My snacks are the ever present celery, carrot sticks and an apple and a pear. (I ran out of olives!) I have no idea what the points are for the fish but it can't be much even if it did have a little lemon herb butter stuff on it. It was a Gorton's brand advertising no carbs and no fat.

I'm Eating: An Apple


10:15 a.m. - 11/08/2005
Making Good Food Choices
I had a great on-program day yesterday! Made healthy food choices and used just 2 of my weekly flex points. I spent some time reading my the weight loss book I mentioned yesterday and it really helped to remind me that it's all about positive choices that are healthy.

Those vegetables will fill you up and hardly use any of your points! I really like Green Giant's frozen ones with the lowfat sauces. Easy to make and pretty darned tasty.

My food is planned out for today with a bit of leeway for a couple of low points snacks.

How's everyone else doing?


I'm Eating: I'm drinking a 4 point Starbuck's Pumpkin Spice Latte - Grande, non-fat, no-whip


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