2:10 p.m. - 07/13/2006
High and Low
I'm hanging in there. How about you kids?

I've let some ice cream sneak in and I've eaten a couple of hot dog buns and tortillas this week. But you know, sometimes a gal needs to have something to get the food to her mouth and a hot dog bun or tortilla is the only thing that's gonna work.

I really need to have some non-bread items to take in the car with me for breakfast. Scrambled eggs without the tortilla or bagel just don't cut it.

I'm down a couple of pounds right now. But my weight fluxuates so much I'm not going to start celebrating until I got to the next downward milestone.

I'm feeling awfully fat and frumpy right now. It's the heat. It's no fun being fat when you really need to be dressed in as little clothing as possible. Especially the top heaviness that I deal with. Big boobs and stomach look like crap in a tank top.

Okay. Someone needs to brighten my day!!!


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