11:36 a.m. - 12/12/2005
I suck.
Great motivation Kathy! You'd think a wedding would be enough for me...but NO!

I didn't eat so poorly this weekend. But this morning I ate yogurt and pop-tarts for a 12.5 point breakfast. Ugh. When am I going to learn?

No gym tonight either, like I promised myself. We have to go make a few returns tonight, or else. Plus, I have one pair of undies and literally nothing to wear to work tomorrow so if I don't get some laundry done, my coworkers will go blind.

For lunch I have a Smart Ones and then another yogurt as a snack (they were on sale and we had no money - damn 4 point yogurts!). That will leave me with 2.5 points for dinner. Ugh. Anyone know how many points 1 chicken breast cooked Francese style is? I can't find it anywhere! And that, with 3 pieces of bread, is what I ate last night. I didn't even touch the pasta it came with!

Gym tomorrow, for sure. I have to!

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8:39 a.m. - 12/12/2005
It's Monday so that means it's my day to start over again. Why do I continue to behave this way? I must find the right motivation. Something to focus on. Just like when pushing out a baby.

I might have my focus. In February, I have to get my Driver's License renewed complete with dorky picture. Four years ago I had the worst DL photo taken in my history as a driver. Long hair parted in the middle that had gotten wet in the rain, a sweatshirt turned inside out, 15 pounds heavier. It is horrible and I've been carrying it around for 4 years.

I look so much better now. I don't wear sweatshirts out in public anymore. I rarely wear them in the house unless I'm painting or sleeping in them. I have a styled hairdo that I take a curling iron to. I wear make-up, including eyeshadow and blush whenever I leave the house. On the weekends I wear make-up minus the shadow and blush. I'm more fancified ever since getting that photo in the mail.

So, my motivation this time is to be thinner for my driver's license photo come February. Every bite that I take that I shouldn't will show for the next four years!

Let's see how this motivation works for me!


I'm Eating: Egg Burrito and Orange Juice for 5 points


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