2:39 p.m. - 11/22/2005
Wow! I posted over on the WW boards and those women are fucking mean! Well, some of them anyway. Posted this there, thought I would cross post. I didn't expect the mean responses though.

PS- Ate pizza last night. I am a dummy. I didn't think to save those Flex points for Turkey Day!

"Am I the only one that's scared that U.S. Thanksgiving is this Thursday? I usually eat to my heart's content. Sure, now that I am on WW that may mean smaller portions, but that's a BIG may!!

How are you tackling turkey day?

We're committed to doing a feast -- that I don't have to cook. I am so mad at myself because at the start of the week I forgot that it was THIS week and to save my Flex points and now, well now I only have 15 additional to spend for t-day, if I don't go over tonight and tomorrow.

I need some guidance!!! Anyone got any?"

I'm Eating: 0 point soup


1:53 p.m. - 11/22/2005
I'm Back!
I am hopeless! Last week I had Stew feeding me. The weekend I ate whatever I had in the house. This week I'm on vacation and not even trying. I started at 150 and I am 151.8. Too bad the tracker doesn't go up, just down. But the delay is getting me psyched up for seeing some real weight loss when I get back to work and in a routine again.


I'm Eating: Chicken breast (3 split halves!) Oink Oink oink!


9:14 a.m. - 11/21/2005
game plan
For this holiday, I am going the cheater route. Each year I cook and each year it's for nothing.

This year I am, for $50, buying a heat and serve complete meal. It's just HB and I but it serves 8-10!! So yes, we'll have leftovers. Our meal includes:

Butterball Baked Turkey, fully cooked (approx. 11 lbs)
Boston Market Mashed Potatoes (2 23-oz containers)
Boston Market Broccoli Au Gratin (3 11.5-oz containers)
Boston Market Herb Stuffing (1 23-oz container)
Boston Market Turkey Gravy (3 11-oz containers)
Cranberry Sauce (1 lb)
Dinner Rolls (1 dozen)
Choice of 2 8-inch Pies (Apple or Pumpkin)

So yeah. We'll have leftovers. Lots and lots of leftovers. Pie will start to be eaten Wednesday night, when I pick up the damn feast. One apple, on pumpkin for those of you wondering.

But I figured that this way I can look up the nutritional info online (because it's Boston Market!). Plus, HB eats dark meat, I only eat white meat. Plus, plus, it only takes 2 hours to heat!

So I have basically the same plan Kathy -- eat on points for the rest of the week (there was a mishap with some Ben & Jerry's yogurt last night), go turkey crazy Thursday, and then back on Friday and Saturday. I won't deprive myself either! But I am not going to overeat for the hell of it.

That's my game plan...

I'm Eating: oatmeal --as soon as I get up to get some water for it


7:08 a.m. - 11/21/2005
The Plan for Thanksgiving
I'm alive! Here's hoping Diane's doing well!

It's Monday. Another fresh start! This is getting ridiculous. Last week's excuse for poor eating is the fact that my kitchen is impossible to make food in right now. Well, not right now. Right now it's okay. This weekend it was full of two men installing a ceiling, one long board at a time. There was no cooking. Only running for food for two hungry men and two hungry children and whatever friend happened to be here at the time. All fast food/all the time.

Somehow I managed to lose half a pound.

And here it is, the week of Thanksgiving. With a giant family feast planned for Thursday. Thankfully it's not at my house so I won't be left with all the leftovers. Which is sad, yet good for the program.

My plan is to be on points until Thursday. Go insane on Thursday and then back on points for Friday through Sunday.

And you guys?


I'm Eating: Back to Nature High Protein Crunch Cereal and a Banana


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