9:18 p.m. - 09/11/2006
Weight Watchers Finally!
Well, I joined Weight Watchers like I should have way back when we started this thing. I hate hate hate paying somebody to lose weight but I guess I need to give it a go. My first meeting is Friday. I bought a bunch of frozen WW meals and some WW yogurt (one point WooHoo!!) and I'm sure I'll find alot of other WW tips from you guys. Wish me luck. I'm eating the last of everything that I know won't be allowed like quarter pounder meals and flurrys and Taco Bell and Pizza. Lots of pizza! It's my last hurrah!

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2:54 p.m. - 07/18/2006
I'm still standing
So I was at 207 on Sunday. I cheated and weighed in today (210). I've been naughty lately though. Why do I even buy the Doritos and Skittles? I always THINK I can manage portion control but I can't. Then when I deprive myself, I binge. It's a never ending cycle.

So today Nicole and I (before I got in the office) went through the kitchen and took all our snacks (nuts, granola bars, starburst, skittles) and put them in the snack cabinet. We are allowed one trip to the snack cabinet per day. She tried on her dress last night and it won't zip! She's eating too much sugar and I'm, well I'm just eating too much.

We also did a sort of schedule for eating during the week to keep track of calories. It at least looks pretty.

A yogurt (soy for her since we've come to find out she's lactose intolerant) and granola bar a day for breakfast. Morning snack for her is nuts and me it's a veggie (celery or cucumber) and light cheese. She has a soy smoothie for lunch and me a salad with Perdue Short Cuts chicken on it and little to no dressing (or as much lemon juice with pepper or vinegar as I want). Afternoon snack is nuts and/or skittles for me and jelly belly's for her. And dinner is london broil with 2 veggies and/or chili (homemade) and/or pasta and meatballs (homemade). Dessert is a sugar free popscicle.

We bought a few things in bulk last weekend: granola bars, tube nuts (1 serving), 90% lean ground beef, london broil, and skittles/starburst. Oh and her Jelly Bellys (which are at her work). I don't know why I thought I'd be ok with having that shit in the apartment because obviously I am not.

So we put it all in the cabinet hoping "out of sight, out of mind" really works. When the crap was out on the counter, all I could do not to eat something was hide!

We've also committed to drinking more water and bought a 35 pack as well. We bring one bottle in with us in the AM and fill it at least 2 times (for her) or 4 times (for me). We're also going to try getting up at 6a for a workout on T, W and Th. Now, I don't want to destroy the idea before giving it a fair chance but I am NOT a morning person.

I will be going at least 1 other night a week as well. And to the pool.

So that's where I'm at. I feel like we have a plan. I don't feel like I am depriving myself of anything and am doing it all in balance.

Today I ate yogurt and a granola bar for breakfast, lunch was a salad (lettuce, red bell peppers, carrots and a dash of feta for protein with lemon juice) and green beans for lunch. Dinner will be london broil. I know we have some cous cous and some spinach in the freezer. Until Friday, we have to do what we can. I might be able to go get some veggies to munch on until Nick's payday.

So yeah, there is a plan

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8:56 a.m. - 07/18/2006
Wishy Washy
You guys are gonna laugh at me. What's new?

I've got back to Weight Watchers on-line. I eat too much food when I'm not anal retentive points counting.

And while I was pretty danged successful in the elimination of starches, I really am in need of bread because I am a person on the go. Bread and buns are To Go food. As is the crust of a pizza.

So I'm back to WW. However, I'm sticking with the NO chips, crackers, cookies, rice and potatoes (unless they are in one of those lean cuisines). Once I start eating any of those items, my portions are way out of control.

You can call me wishy washy, you can call me crazy, you can call me anythihng you want but you doesn't have to call me Johnson. Sorry. Old joke.

How's it going with you kids?


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