4:44 p.m. - 11/04/2005
How do you like the new look girls? I still have the old one so let me know ASAP!

I'm Eating:


2:42 p.m. - 11/04/2005
week at a glace
Ok Kathy, I need your help. Diane, I thought you'd like to see this too (I promise to get your WW stuff out tomorrow!). This started off as an email but I figure I should post it instead!

I attached (click to enlarge) my week at a glance. I still have 8.5+ points for dinner tonight (and 21 flex points left before they reset tomorrow). The last 2 days, I was sick so I had a few points left. For dinner, I will probably have some sort of soup and sandwich for dinner, with skinny cow for dessert (9 points). I eat a huge salad with lots of veggies every day. I limit my sugar intake to one item a day, if that (Yesterday it was a tiny slice of chocolate cake and today it was a milky way bar, + skinny cow).

I step on the scale tomorrow morning. I started on Sat at 207 pounds. I weighed today and was at 205 this morning, exactly. I went to the gym twice this week, and will go for a walk tonight with HB.

I am getting the hang of the fact that when I am full, I shouldn't eat anymore. And portions (of all but salads) have gotten smaller.

I get discouraged easily and don't want to see a 2 point loss (only) tomorrow. Shouldn't I lose more my first week? I am telling myself that I need to stick to this. I need to hold myself accountable for what I eat and put it all online. I need to stick to it at least for a month before I go crashing. I wanted to lose around 5 this week (4 would be good too), just to give a jumpstart. And I know 2 pounds is good...but still. I wanted to feel encouraged.

I also know I am counting the carriage before the horse (or whatever the damn saying is)...since the weigh in is tomorrow and all.

Anyway, any advice? Also, I am going to input some Halo comments. And Kathy...try making the banner smaller -- I think that is what is doing it. At home I don't even see the banner (with Firefox as my browser). Are we going to use the fruit images I sent you too? I can work on it all this weekend if you don't have the time. Thanks!


I'm Eating: salad -- just finished a tuna sandwich


12:21 p.m. - 11/04/2005
Or a Long Sharp Knife
There is some skinny oriental guy in the next cubicle eating a shaved steak bomb sub with all the fixin's on a foot long subroll.

Anybody got a gun?

I'm not sure if I'd shoot him for being skinny and eating that way or me so I can stop smelling it!

Drooling Diane

I'm Eating: a pear


10:45 a.m. - 11/04/2005
+ Points
hi ladies!

Also Diane, Wonder Light Wheat Bread is only 1 point for two slices!!! Thought that was good to know.

Still sick and had points left over last night, even after a Skinny Cow Strawberry Shortcake Ice Cream Sandwich and a tiny piece of cake! I had 4 left. I ate dinner, what I could eat anyway (soup and sandwich). Still feeling icky. Wish I could feel icky all the time!

I peeked at the scale this morning and I am still only 2 pounds lighter. I was expecting more of a loss for my first week! Slightly disappointed, but will push through. It could be that I went to the gym and am building muscle (along with shin splints!). My official weigh in is tomorrow morning.

Which reminds me to ask, when are your weigh ins?

I was thinking, as our 5 lb. each reward, of doing weight loss type Italian Charm Bracelets. We can get one another a charm for every 5 pounds and get some real mail in the process. What do you all think?

Then, maybe when we reach goal, we can all meet (Kathy, I will be in your neck of the woods in Oct. 2006!) and such...

Just an idea.

No breakfast this AM -- I had a meeting and just grabbed a coffee instead (resisted tasty muffins). Lunch will be big, that's for sure. I can't keep wasting points. No gym either because I forgot my clothes. So, I went to the gym 2x this week. Next week I am going to do 3x, including a walk tomorrow with HB if it's nice (and my shin splints are better).

Ok that's my ramble this AM. Talk later...

I'm Eating: nothing...yet!


9:04 a.m. - 11/04/2005
3 point breakfast
3 point lunch
6 point snacks
8 points rum and diet coke (Man, do I know how to diet? LOL!)

Plus I made it to the gym and did 20 minutes on the bicycle, 20 minutes at 3.8 mph on the treadmill and 20 minutes of light weights making the circuit of the available machines. I try to be faithful going to the gym during the week because I totally miss on the weekends. Tonight for instance I have to rush home to babysit. Saturday and Sunday are packed too. I'm hoping to be very strict this weekend so my Monday weigh in shows a loss. *crosses fingers*

I found some 100 calorie wheat thins and cheeze-its. Generally they are one point but I'll be running them through the slider thingy tonight to be sure. I have to get to the supermarket to see who carries all these low point breads and WW brands. I am so jealous of your deelish breakfast!


I'm Eating: 100 calorie popcorn snack


7:50 a.m. - 11/04/2005
WW Items
I picked up some WW products at the grocery store yesterday that I thought I'd tell you kids about...Weight Watchers has 1 points English Muffins and 2 points bagels! They're pretty dang good. This way, my fried egg/bagel breakfast goes down 2 whole points! (If I use the english muffin). Dang filling!

Just thought I'd share with you kids.

Have a good WWW (weight watchers weekend)


I'm Eating: Fried Egg and Low-Fat Cheese on a WW English Muffin


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