9:27 a.m. - 11/07/2005
still sick
Way to get back in the game Kathy!

So, while my weigh in went well, my eating did not. Now, I was well within my points -- but it was filled with crap really. I was tired and sick (still am!) and ate ice cream (No Pudge!) and a Milky Way and soup all weekend.

I found a really great meal though for lazy and cold week nights. A grilled ham and cheese (Wonder Wheat Light bread with some Brummel and Brown, 2 slices of Fat Free or 2% Cheese and 3 slices of 99% FF Ham) and tomato soup. 5.5 points total! If you want the full can of soup, it's 7.5 points!

I had 17.5 Flex Points left over this week. Bummer...

I won't go workout today. I am still not feeling well. I hope I can get active tomorrow though. This cold is really kicking my tushy!

And what? No congrats for my loss????

I'm Eating: Kashi Autumn Wheat and FF Milk


9:25 a.m. - 11/07/2005
Me Too :(
I'm with you Kathy. During my normal work week I watch my breakfast and supper and pack my lunch and am consistently under points. The weekends are my undoing. Stew took me out both Saturday and Sunday. Saturday was Thai and probably not too bad but Sunday was a half pound hamburger complete with humongous bun and seasoned french fries. All three weekend days starting Friday night I had drinks totaling about 8 points a day just in alcohol. I had lost slightly during the week and now I am exactly back where I was this time last week. All that work to stay where I am because of the weekend.

I made a big stink about going out to Stew and now this weekend he not only took me out both nights but is taking me to a B&B in New Hampshire this Thursday. It was all such an unusual treat that I gave myself permission for "just this once" but it looks like it will be more than that in the future and I will have to get very familiar with salads from now on.

But I have a monster motivation now. He's invited me to Thanksgiving at his house with his two daughters and his soon to be Ex wife. I don't want flab hanging over my pants and some of my best looking clothes no longer fit. Even 5 pounds between now and then would help enormously!

PS I found the one point english and the two point bagels at Shaws. I'm so happy to have them back in my diet! Thanks for the tips!

I'm Eating: carrot sticks


7:17 a.m. - 11/07/2005
I failed miserably this weekend. I was tired and I was emotionally stressed and I used both of those things as an excuse to give up my commitment. Now it's Monday and I gained about two pounds. I'm angry that I looked the other way when it was time to eat.

But it's Monday and it's a fresh new week and I'm not giving up!

I'm reading a book called "Weight Loss That Lasts, Break Through the 10 Big Diet Myths" by James M. Rippe, MD and Weight Watchers.

Just this morning I read:

Successful weight management - losing weight and keeping it off - requires a commitment...You have to commit to making smart choices and sticking to your choices for weight loss to be successful

Without mental strategies for making wise food choices, dealing with stress, making physical activity a priority, and dozens of other actions, weight loss is virtually impossible.

I'm no dumby but I sure played one this weekend!

I'll be planning out my food for the entire week, including the three days I'm working at the warehouse sale that I work at a few times a year. Lunch is provided but I'm going to pack my own so I won't choose frosted cookies and chips! I'm having a dinner party on Saturday night, with Gumbo so I'll need to figure that into my total so I can know exactly how many flex points I can use throughout the week. I don't know when I can get exercise in but I think I'll look at my handy dandy Outlook calendar and schedule it in.


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