5:05 p.m. - 10/26/2005
A Positive Look
I have good friends who've lost lots of weight on the WW program. I'm talking 80, 90 pounds. And they talk about how it's a lifetime thing. However, they also talk about the fact that it's not a life sentence. The beauty of reaching your goal is that you can relax and enjoy food because by then you should have changed your attitude about amounts and food choices. Even if you go back to your old ways, just don't let yourself go too far back and then you just stay strict for as long as it takes to get back to your goal. It's a positive look at this lifetime of healthy eating.


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3:20 p.m. - 10/26/2005
fears and excitement
HB came home! But she came with lots of candy from Maine. Better eat it all up before Monday ;)

Actually, she's decided to WW with me -- at least for dinners and on the weekends, which is helpful.

I came up with a work-week menu of lunches and breakfasts, but not dinners yet. We can do that this weekend.

The thing I was thinking about yesterday and today though, it scares me to think this is something I can do forever.

I am so used to dieting now that I think I need to have a bunch of weight come off, then I gain, and diet again.

To think about constantly taking off 1-2 pounds a week is scary, if in fact I do lose that on WW.

I have 32 weeks to take off about 40 pounds. That's less than 2 pounds a week. I can do this, if I stick with it.

I just hope I can find it within me! November 1st, here I come!


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8:27 a.m. - 10/26/2005
Planning for the Day
Good morning Dieting Friends!

I haven't planned for today's food and I should figure that out quick before it gets away from me...

Breakfast: Bagel with egg and lowfat cheese

Lunch: 6 inch wheat turkey and ham, no mayo no dressing from Subway

Dinner: I'm not sure yet. I'll probably make something real for the family and have a veggie burger for myself.

Snacks: A variety of low-points stuff I've got laying around the house

Have a good Dieting Day!


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