10:46 a.m. - 10/29/2005
One Point Per Fifty Calories
Congratulations Jenn! You did it! Now the hard part is up to you. Set your mind to get to your goal, knowing that along the way you can "cheat" with the goodies that you love BUT then make better choices more often. That's the beauty of WW!

You can't have an endless amount of zero points items and have it be zero points. In the meetings we were told that you should count 1 point per 50 calories of zero points foods. No one's ever gotten fat, however, from eating too many carrots. So if you're eating some zero points veggies, give yourself a hand and feel free to go a little overboard without worrying too much about the points.

Have a fun lunch out today.

You can do it Jenn!!!

Now, where is that Diane of ours?


I'm Eating: Scrambled eggs before I head over for a food-infested family function. Wish me luck!


11:31 a.m. - 10/29/2005
I'm In!

I figured, why not today, right?

So I had some Kashi Autumn Wheat for breakfast with milk (4 points) and a yogurt (2).

I am going to get myself acquainted with the site and since I am going out to lunch, I need to figure out where I get points for restaurants and such. It's not in the book you sent me Kathy.

YAY! I'm officially a Weight Watchers gal!

This SOOOO has to work. We went food shopping last night and dinner should be yummy (WW 0 Point soup anyone?)

Does someone want to explain...if something is 0 points, can you have as much of it as you want? Or does it accumulate points as you eat more of it?


I'm Eating: Kashi, milk, yogurt and Panera Bread for Lunch!


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