9:08 a.m. - 11/03/2005
I am sick. I had 7 points left plus the 4 I earned at the gym yesterday. Yes, sick and all, and I still went to the gym. 20 minutes of the stairmaster at DOUBLE what the site lists the steps per minute as and some treadmill to cool down with some free weights tossed in. By the time I met HB at the store to get her soup for dinner, I was feeling like poo. So I mustered up all I had to eat SOMETHING: 99% FF Lentil Soup (1/3 of the can maybe) with some cheese thrown on top for good measure.

I need to go down now to get breakfast. I was thinking fruit and yogurt. I am so not hungry though.

Happy Thursday!

I'm Eating: who knows...


8:47 a.m. - 11/03/2005
I got a nasty shock yesterday. I went to a company seminar where they served pizza and soft drinks for lunch. My breakfast is only 3 points and about 200 calories. All my snacks added together are 2 points, so I snagged a couple slices of Papa G1no's pizza with some pepperoni on top. On the way out I snagged a third with veggie toppings. I get home and look up Commercial Fast Food Pizza and find out that I ate somewhere between 24 and 27 points in just pizza alone! Add in my breakfast and snacks and I could be as high as 32 points!!!!

Luckily I skipped supper and went to the gym so I probably worked at least breakfast off. I bicycled 20 minutes on a program that switches between hills and valleys and then walked on the treadmill for 20 minutes at 3.7 mph at an incline of one (don't laugh!) I skipped the wieghts because I was running out of time before LOST was on (I said don't laugh!) The scale this morning didn't go up thank goodness but it hasn't gone down since I started this Monday either. Hopefully if I hang in there and continue to exercise eventually it will move.

So Jenn I know how you felt yesterday!

And Kathy what does it say about sugar free candies? I found some that have zero net carbs and 3 pieces is about 45 calories. I would think that would be safe for when I get a sweet tooth?

I'm Eating: 100 calorie snack popcorn worth 1 point


12:24 p.m. - 11/02/2005
how many points????
I see now. When I look at the week, it becomes clearer.

So each day, I can earn a 1,000 but I am only use three. So today I will earn another 7 (if I can exercise, I feel like ass) and can eat 29 points (only 3 swapped points count, to my usual 26)

Is that right?

Good if so because breakfast -- while I thought I made excellent choices -- was crap.

They had scrambled eggs, croisants, french toast, sausage patties, bacon, home fries (dry ones!).

I had 2 cups of coffee, the 4 oz of OJ on the table and water. Then I went up to the buffet.

I chose one small scoop (about 1/2 cup) of the eggs, 3 slices of bacon (I remembered WW measured in 3's) and 1/2 cup of the potatoes. All included, a whopping 11.5 points!!!! For something that didn't even fill me!

What a waste.

I have no clue what to do for lunch now. Because I had this 3 hour meeting, I couldn't bring my lunch and I forgot to bring a can of 99%FF lentil soup with me (not that I'd have a container to warm it up in). So, salad and something it is down in the cafeteria...


PS -- Diane, I will mail out your info tomorrow, but thank Kathy for sending it all to me...

I'm Eating: ???


8:30 a.m. - 11/02/2005
Hump Day
I'm waiting for the scale to move but then again I've only been serious since Monday LOL! I've been eating two veggie burgers without a bun for the same two points as with the special low points bun for supper. I think I'm going to need another cooler too if I'm going to carry a salad. I'm getting sick of popcorn as my filler upper. A good salad is just as filling and better for me nutritionally. I've been eating so much popcorn that the floor around my desk looks like rabid squirrels got loose under it! I'm going to check out the breads at a Super Supermarket too. Thanks for the tip. I would love to have sandwiches again. That's one thing I really missed on Atkins. Oh and Kathy I think you're right about the olives and they have some fat in them. Probably not alot but it's better than nothing.

I'm Eating: Celery sticks and carrot sticks and olives and pickles and dang I'm hungry!


7:07 a.m. - 11/02/2005
Evil Brownies
Happy Wednesday Back at ya!

Jenn - When you go to the Points Tracker Page you'll see three index links right below today's date. It comes up at "Add Food". Next to that is "Add Exercise" then "Add Notes" When you click on Add Exercise, you put in your exercise just like food and it will give you options to choose from. Submit your choice and it will add it to the bottom of the Add Food page. You can deduct up to three activity points per day. No more. It will do all the math for you. Brilliant!

I ended up using Flex Points yesterday! Can you believe it? After having so many points left over for dinner. I had baked brownies to take into work today (my birthday gift to the boss was a baked treat each month for a year) and ended up sampling three of them. With buttermilk chocolate frosting. Oy! It's like I went into Dumb mode and just forged ahead with the eating. Today the brownies will be out of the house and I won't be baking again for awhile. I have to be on track for the rest of the week because I'm going out to brunch with girlfriends on Sunday and need to save what little flex points I have left.

Today's food plan:

Breakfast: Bagel with egg and cheese = 6 points

Lunch: Turkey & Ham Sandwich = 3 points (2 oz. each deli turkey and ham on Village Hearth bread)
Apple Sauce = 1 point

Dinner: Veggie Burger on Village Hearth bun = 2 points
Green Giant peas in lite sauce = 1 point
1 cup 1% milk = 2 points

Snacks: 8 points to play with

Diane: The nutrition facts on my Village Hearth Wheat Buns is 80 calories per roll, .5 g fat, 3 g fiber. 1 point per roll. Try to find something similar in case you can't get the Village Hearth in your area. This brand is good and gooey just like Wonder Bread. I love the soft breads!


I'm Eating: Drinking Coffee right now


7:29 a.m. - 11/02/2005
Happy Wednesday to ya!
I am on my way to a work breakfast. Ugh, not only is it early but I have no idea what they are going to serve.

If anything, I know to stay AWAY from danishes and say yes to fruit. I can always grab something on the way back to the office, no biggie.

I actually worked out yesterday! I took it slow though:

10 minutes on stairmaster
10 minutes on recumbent bike
10 minutes treadmill (8 walking and 2 actually jogging!)

30 arm exercises, 10 leg ones and 5 standing curls.

And, I am going back tonight. So Kathy, on the site, I added this all in and got points to SWAP? How do I swap them out? Are these accrued and lost each week? Do they count after I go through my flex points?


I'm Eating: ??????


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