2:36 p.m. - 11/12/2005
-5 x1
I did it! My first 5 lbs.!!!!

I got on the scale and saw 202 this morning.

5 lbs down, 25 to go!

I went to the Dr. yesterday and got some meds so I hope by Tuesday I will be able to hit the gym again. 3x a week should do me! And tomorrow, I lug laundry up and down 3 flights of stairs so I should get a few points for that.

Anyway, that's my news. I only lost 1 pound this week but I will take it. Now, if I can get rid of eating cookies and brownies all week, I should see a much better loss.

Happy Saturday!

I'm Eating: I had a chicken fajita salad for lunch, with 7 chips and salsa


9:37 p.m. - 11/10/2005
I have fallen so far off the program that it's just silly! Bad bad Kathy! Being a person who doesn't work during the week, I am able to choose healthy foods at a moment's notice just by walking into my well-stocked house. However, I'm working this week and have fallen prey to my own stupidity and lack of willpower and have totally eaten not only all of my flex points by Wednesday but Jenn's and Diane's as well. Thanks guys!

Let me get through this weekend and I promise, I'll be a total diet trooper next week. Heck, I'll even start on Sunday.

I'll try and make the best choices I can with the rest of the week ahead of me but I've got a dinner party here on Saturday night and I'm going to be selfish and eat like a fool!

Sorry I'm not so supportive this week.


I'm Eating:


9:44 a.m. - 11/10/2005
tenders and fries
On points again, but not eating well. So I don't expect a loss, but a maintain this week. Which is ashame because I wanted to hit -5 this week. maybe I can do it with that one measly pound. Perhaps the gym tomorrow, even a small workout because I am still (as in ugh!) sick, will do the trick!

I ate 3 buffalo chicken tenders and some spicy steak fries for dinner at like 10p last night. Work has me too busy to prepare! But I hope to get a salad today for lunch. That should balance things, right?

I won't be around until the afternoon tomorrow, but have all day to catch up with you girls. So what's going on at your end of the world today?

I'm Eating: 3 slices of bacon, powdered eggs and home fries-a like with a Diet Pepsi. Hey! I can if I am getting a salad for lunch!


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