8:33 a.m. - 11/23/2005
plan for tomorrow!
Wait Kathy! That wasn't all I had to eat all day. LOL so it was a binge.

I have a plan for Turkey day...eat lots of good stuff, 2 tablespoons of the bad so I am not missing out. And of course, a piece of pie. All of it will cost me 19 points. Then for "dinner" -- more turkey and salad and veggies.

Breakfast, no doubt, will be light ;)

We are smarter than food. But how?


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7:11 a.m. - 11/23/2005
Reaching Our Goals
Put that binge behind you and get back on program right now! (Says the woman who had potato chips for dinner) What is the deal with us? Is it any wonder we can't get to our goals? I'm not trying to be mean, I'm talking to myself. I can reach so many other goals in my life why can't I reach this one?

I'm tired of it. It's just food! I'm smarter than food! I am going to make a conscious effort to make a plan and stick to it. Of course, that plan includes having a whole lot of food fun tomorrow. But that doesn't include today or Friday or other regular days. I'm going to save the binges for the special days...holidays and birthdays. Only. Parties, showers, dinners out, other people's birthdays are no excuses for me to eat like a fool.

Here's to good choices today! And here's to hoping that when we get on track and we crave food, what we're craving are apples!


I'm Eating: Oatmeal for Breakfast


7:59 a.m. - 11/23/2005
I had a binge last night. It was bad.

6 granola bars. 8 Hershey's miniatures.

Like I said, bad.

I don't know why I do it or why I can't stop myself.

I am ashamed.


I'm Eating: NOTHING


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