11:23 a.m. - 12/09/2005
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11:06 a.m. - 12/09/2005
I am bound and determined to make WW work for me!

So, I've been logging the past few nights. I haven't been eating the best but I am logging every little bit again. Come tomorrow, I am back on plan. HB and I are even going to get exercise in one day on the weekends. Then I go to the gym M-W. No more not sleeping at night. I think if I work out after a long day, there will be no excuses!

We also came up with a meal plan. I looked through my 5 cookbooks (the healthy ones anyway) and we picked out a week's worth of meals. We'll do this every weekend before we go food shopping. That way we have some easy meals picked out for the work week that either of us can cook and it will be healthy. Weekends we can dine out if we want.

I can still stick to great choices! And even if I don't, that's ok!

We made enough in overtime combined to eat well (=healthy) for a month. And that's what I am going to do -- shop each week so as not to waste any food. I also threw out candy I had on the table as well. HB brought it home as a suprise. We talked about it last night and I let her know that candy isn't the greatest present for me. While her metabolism is great, mine isn't. I hate looking at her body and being jealous. It's time to work.

New goal: 189 by February 26th (HB's b-day -- I have a huge suprise planned for her and I want to look good for it). That's 18 pounds in 11 weeks. And that is doable.

I reset my counter. I've lost nothing and am back at 207. I am going to be accountable and am going to lose! Who's with me?????????

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