9:03 p.m. - 11/03/2005
I had a pretty darned good dieting day today. Saved enough points so I could have a healthy slab of my homemade meatloaf. That's what I love about WW. I can eat regular food, just like the rest of the family. As long as I've figured it into the days Points Wages.

Tomorrow I'll be spending the entire day at a warehouse sale that I work at a couple of times a year. They provide lunch for us. There's usually healthy stuff to choose from. Deli meats and whole wheat breads. I'll just bypass the mayo-laden pasta salads and the store-bought, dried-out cookies.


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1:07 p.m. - 11/03/2005
Holy Calories Batman!
Did you know that the Ricola Cough Drops I've been eating like a maniac have 30 calories for 2 drops!

Should I try getting some sugar free ones?

Also, I can't imput them in the WW food tracker. Should I?

I'm Eating: salad, Ken's FF Raspberry Vinegarette, Yoplait yogurt


9:38 a.m. - 11/03/2005
Shuffle Those Feet
Looks like I'll start our new day even though you kids have already posted this morning. Dang East Coast Early Risers!

Jenn - Good for you for taking your sickness to the gym! Thankfully a girlfriend came and took me out for a walk so I could work off those brownies I'd been eating!

Diane - Hard candies are a great way to keep your mouth moving without adding points.

Remember guys - you will only have to be points strict until you get to your goal. Once you reach your goal you'll be able to eat more crap. Just set a crap-eating weight-gaining stop point. Once you've regained, say 5 lbs., be strict again until you're back up to goal. It's not going to take us forever to lose this weight. We can be hard on ourselves for awhile because it's so worth it! Let's lose it this time so we don't have to keep whining and whining and whining about being fat! When we've reach our goals, we can eat pizza and then whine about the 3 lbs. we have to take off. Won't that be more fun?!

Have a good On Plan day! Make good choices. Get out there and shuffle your feet!


I'm Eating: The last 1/2 of those evil brownies. And now they're gone!


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